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The health benefits of Intermittent fasting


Summer is fast approaching, you are probably hitting the gym to put your body into good shape to ready flaunt your best in swimwear for your awaited vacation. But if you’ve got hectic work schedules that makes you uneasy to go to the gym, there is another weight loss program that you could try called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is not a form of diet but a healthy eating schedule or pattern that you don’t have to suffer a prolonged abstinence of food but only for certain periods of time. Hollywood celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Kimmel, as well as Filipino-celebrity and model, Ivan Doschner found intermittent fasting as an effective discipline to improve one’s physical and mental health. Learn about its health benefits in this article.

A young man’s journey to fitspiration
Here is an amazing testimony by a 20-year-old who underwent intermittent fasting program for a year. The results you ask? Well, he had successfully transformed to a real fitspiration.


This is Cyrus Castrodes a few years back in highschool. He shared he used to be bullied for his chubbiness or being overweight in highschool. His classmates call him, buddha, baboy, bulakbol and other pet-peeve names that lost his confidence.


Haunted by his past, he was easily discouraged that led to depression and low self-esteem. He lost his drive to attend school and dropped-out early from college. He wallowed on depression by stress-eating and playing computer games.


When he learned about intermittent fasting, he took the step-by-step process and gradually lost weight. He regained his confidence and self-esteem that he also started going to the gym. He is now back on track to finish his studies, leaving the fat kid behind. Moving forward, he continues his 16:8 method, a 16-hour fasting and 8-hour feasting.


Intermittent fasting

There are different methods to intermittent fasting that you could choose that will best suit your pace. For beginners, it is recommended to take the 5:2 method. You will consume normal food within five days and fast for two days.


You can also use the alternate method. You can eat or fast on a whole day then abstain to the next day. The so called warrior-fasting is a schedule that will not allow you to eat food during the day and only feast during night times.


Fasting vs. Starving

Experts explained that fasting is different from starving as it detoxifies your body from toxins. During the abstinence period, stored fats of the body are burned and retained food are metabolized to be converted to body’s energy for usage. With gradual effort in breaking old habits that were unhealthy,  it prolongs one’s life span.  via

Intermittent fasting may not be suitable for everybody. It is still important to take full consideration to ask for your personal doctor approval whether your body can adapt the method.

What do you think of intermittent fasting? Are you convinced to try fasting method to loose weight? 
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