Ate Girl gamely gave Vice Ganda a kiss on the neck

Lately, fans of “It’s Showtime” have been entertained by the kilig moments between Jaki Gonzaga, a.k.a. Ate Girl, and Vice Ganda. Each time they encounter each other onstage, something happens. And it keeps heating up the more it goes on.

This time viewers were granted an unexpected twist, as a tease from Ate Girl was followed by a gentle kiss on the neck for Vice Ganda.


A short clip shows Ate Girl walking the stage clad in a red dress for the Q & A portion. As usual, Vice Ganda took notice of her beauty.


Vice jokingly pretended to be sick in front of Ate Girl, convincing her to attend to him. He asked Jaki to soothe his chest. She obliged, rubbing his chest as the crowd went wild.


Vice then swithced it up by saying that he now has an ache on his belly. Ate Girl then sweetly kissed her hand and rubbed it on Vice’s belly. This got the crowd roaring with kilig even further!


She then explained that she thought Vice was suffering from kabag. In typical Vice Ganda fashion, he responded with sarcasm.


As Vice kept enumerating the different parts of his body that hurt, Ate Girl provided him with a haplos as remedy, which gave way to a classic hugot line from the controversial host.

“Malaking bagay talaga ang haplos… sa isang haplos lamang ay may gamot na hindi basta nagagaling ng medisina. Yun yung tinatawag na TLC, yung Tender Loving Care. Yung haplos ng pagmamahal…”


Vice Ganda also noticed how Ate Girl’s dress was a bit wrinkled. He then lowered her skirt in gentleman-like manner.


Vice then pointed at his neck and requested, “kiss mo nga eto.” He then romantically ran his fingers through Jaki’s hair.


What happened next? Take a look below.


The funny love team has caught the attention of the madlang people with their hilarious chemistry but some are hoping that it leads to something more. Is Vice Ganda ready to make the switch to heteronormativity? Who knows? Probably not.

Watch the video below to see Vice Ganda and Ate Girl bond on stage.

Vice and Jaki mas napapalapit!

Nag-bonding today si Vice Ganda at Jaki! Watch this!

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