The highly-anticipated 2018 comedy “Simplicity” is sure to bring in the laughs and inspiration

When you are gifted with a friendship that remains strong despite difficult multiple trials and tribulations, cherish it. Everyone deserves to have people that stay through the good times and the bad. So to every Filipino moviegoer, be excited this 2018 as IDOLTAP Productions brings you a film that displays this strong bond. “Simplicity” is the story of five beautiful dreamers who stumbled into the complicated world of fame together.

“Simplicity” is about a protagonist named Maria and her four best friends who became one step closer to their dreams when a viral video allowed them to compete in a famous talent show. For sure, their journey to fame would be a roller coaster ride and we can’t wait to witness it.

This light comedy film will mark the directorial debut of Kazuhiko Parungao, more famously known as Senpai Kaizu. Kazuhiko is co-directing with David Hulbert who produced “Victims: The Series” and “Hullo.”

Part of the cast are famous names such as Solenn Heussaff, Rhian Ramos, and Jako de Leon. But what we are really excited for are the five actresses that were chosen to portray the talented group of friends.

Mary Joy Apostol is the actress playing Maria, a young woman who works for her dad’s burger company. She was assigned to bring food to the set of the famous talent show, “Are You Idol Enough?” which allowed her and her friends to be discovered. Mary Joy is the breakout star of the critically-acclaimed indie film “Birdshot.”

Now, Alexa Miro, who we recognize from the viral Jollibee commercial, plays Shelly. Maria’s best friend who works as a traffic enforcer. Shelly always dreamed of becoming part of the showbiz world.

Up next would be Riva Quenery who plays Beth, Maria’s other best friend who works at the burger company with her. She is described to be the main protagonist’s voice of reason whose strong personality will put anyone in their place. Riva is a Star Magic artist who has her fair share of endorsements like Charmee.

Nami Onuma plays Hannah. She is Shelly’s quiet half-sister who they convince to join the group so that they could reach five members. And lastly is Kelly Welt who plays Angel, a young woman who started out as poor and was later cleaned up and became part of the group.

Are you excited to see this in theaters near you? Don’t forget to bring your friends and family as you watch “Simplicity” this 2018!


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Source: IMDB

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