Toni Gonzaga remembers moment of ‘Mommy panic’ on trip to Hong Kong

It’s always a point of humor for families how moms can ‘overreacting’ when dealing with their first child. Apparently, celebrity moms are no exception. Toni Gonzaga, for instance, remembers having a legitimate moment of ‘mommy panic’ when Seve, her almost-year-old son with veteran director Paul Soriano almost choked on a trip to Hong Kong.

Toni Gonzaga narrates the whole incident to the Philippine Entertainment Portal. Aside from this being Toni’s first time as a mom, this is also their little family’s first trip abroad without the assistance of a nanny.







“We were going up the escalator, and then Paul was holding this mineral water. Surely, this moment of intense ‘mommy panic’ would just make the trip all the more memorable.”

“And he [Seve] got the cover of mineral water.”

“So we were just talking, and then I said, ‘Let’s cover the mineral water.’ Sabi ko, ‘Where’s the cover?’ Sabi niya [Paul], ‘I don’t know, it’s with you…’”

“Then we saw Seve [makes choked sound].”

“Yung heart mo di ba parang bumagsak agad sa floor.”

“He was trying to swallow the cover.”





Fortunately, Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano were able to get to the child before the bottle cap could deal him damage.

Overall, Toni admits the whole trip was challenging, yet they still had a grand time:

“It was so worth it. It was so tiring when we were doing it, but looking back, parang I was so happy…It was an experience that bonded us more as a family.”





And yes, the little incident with Seve and the bottle cap did not discourage the two from travelling with their little bundle of joy in the near future:

“Ako, traveling with a baby is going to test the relationship of a couple.It’s a major test in the relationship—of patience, understanding.”



Paul quipped:

“We really have to apply the team work. I can’t expect naman Tin to do every thing so it’s a team work.

“So while she’s bathing him, I’m preparing his milk, his clothes.”

The couple admits they are actually already looking forward to exploring the United States with adorable Seve. Colorado, Hawaii, and Los Angeles are their top priorities to explore.





Here are some things Toni Gonzaga is looking forward to:

“We see a lot of improvement to his motor skills, and there are milestones na nangyayari every time we travel.

“Kasi when we travel, we are able to open his eyes to something new, so it stimulates not just his imagination but his mind, body…

“Para nabo-broaden yung horizon niya. Parang mas mabilis yung pagma-mature niya as a baby. Yung nakaka-keep up siya.”


What can you say about Toni’s ‘mommy panic’ moment? Do you agree that travelling at a young age widens a child’s horizons? Would you like to do the same with your children? Let us know in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Philippine Entertainment Portal

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