Claudine Barretto speaks to Vhong Navarro’s son, Isaiah – shocks Bianca Lapus

Vhong Navarro‘s son with her former wife Bianca Lapus is now fully grown up! In a recent viral  Instagram video by Claudine Barretto, the actress shared her encounter with Isaiah Yce”  Navarro, who happens to be her godson. The two have finally gotten to speak to each other after many years.

Based on the video, Claudine could not help but be in awe of how good looking Yce grew up to be. However, the veteran actress had something more to say to her godson which elicited a huge laugh from everyone present in the room, including Bianca.


She said, “Alam mo you’re only… my God… two years old? Grabe talaga gwapo mo. Buti na lang nakuha mo yung mukha ng mama mo.”

She pleaded

I love you Vhong! I love you! but…” 


She immediately explained her point by saying,

“Mas okay naman talaga… palaging dapat mas gwapo yung anak kesa sa atin o di kaya mas maganda.”


On her Instagram caption, she wrote:

“Time flies so fast you were a baby then @yceking sorry @vhongx44mahal kita pero hindi ako sinungaling  but seriously i know you know that already. Lumaban dugo ni @biancalapus  i miss you! I hope to see you soon vhong!” 


On another video, Claudine had a great bonding moment with Yce doing a facial treatment session. Bianca who was the one recording the video commented that after watching the video, Vhong might probably come.



“I’m sure si Vhong susunod pupunta yan dito…Okay vhong pwede ka ng dumaan dito para sa session mo,” she said.


Despite being annulled, Vhong and Bianca have remained friends with each other.


On the previous interview of Inquirer to Bianca, she was quoted as to saying,

“At the end of the day, we’re still family. He was my husband and he remains to be my friend, and I love him as a person.”



Check out Claudine and Isaiah’s encounter below:

What can you say about Isaiah Navarro? Whom do you think did he got his good-looking face? Do you agree with Claudine Barretto? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Instagram / Inquirer

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