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The search for the next top model: Celebrity kids edition

Children are the personification of youthful and unparalleled exuberance! This is why adults love dressing children up.

So in this fashion list, these celebrity kids will definitely prove to us how fashion is not only for a selected age. So you all better start to hold on to your weaves now because we will be talking about fashion, people!

Check out this gallery below!

Asher Antonio and Alana Antonio

These celebrity siblings prove to us that tow is better than own when it comes to their head-to-toe sleek outfits. Slay us more, Antonio siblings!


Ellie Eigenmann

The beach will never be this so colorful without Ellie Eigenmann in the image! She is wearing a simple tank top with a rainbow design at the center. We want more of this, girl!


Feather Prats

Feather Prats is looking absolutely a model of Calvin Klein with his denim on denim ensemble. He did that!


Gavin Kramer

Gavin Kramer looked posh in this smart casual look! It will only take a couple of years to see this little boy turn into a devilishly handsome quintessential man! Doug Kramer, who?


Isabella Sunga

Yes, Isabella Sunga! Give us that girl-next-door vibe in this image! So adorable, girl!


Kallie Jacob

Kallie Jacob bring back the swag of gingham shirt and velcro sneakers in this image! He looked like a print model, isn’t he?


Miguel Miranda

There’s no denying how Miguel Miranda snatches our wigs in this adorable pose! You slay us, kiddo!


Olivia Reyes

Sweetie, you got what it takes to be the next supermodel! Watch out, ladies!


Scarlet Snow

for sure, the OG Disney princess Snow White will definitely go back to sleep when she sees Scarlet Snow wearing this outfit! Even the Evil Queen will automatically curse this celebrity kid for her unmatched beauty and sophistication!


Stellar Cipriano

What a stellar fashion moment to this pose! We want more, Stellar Cipriano!


Tristan Misa-Fernandez

Boy and girls, you better take note how Tristan Misa-Fernandez wears an athleisure!


Zia Dantes

Zia Dantes has the cutest face in the world! Mic drop, oops!


Seve Soriano

Only Seve Soriano can pull this look What a kid!


Zion Guttierez

Now, pack your bags and go home because we already have a winner! This kid speaks fashion!


Which among this celebrity kids exudes chic style? Do you think they got what it takes to enter the showbiz industry? Let your voice be heard by writing down your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comment section below! Always keep updated on the latest showbiz happening today by liking our Facebook page. 

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