Netizens react to this SPG episode of DJ Raqi Terra’s Secret Files

One minute into this DJ Raqi Terra Secret File, netizens were already reacting violently. Well, who could blame them? It’s not everyday that a Secret File starts with so much controversy!

See, the girl sharing her story did not mean to eavesdrop on her brother’s conversation with his girlfriend — she was actually just having her morning coffee! Her brother was in his room, together with his girlfriend.

Even DJ Raqi was astounded when she read what the girl overheard next! This is the conversation that transpired in her brother’s bedroom:



“Babe, isubo mo na ito!” her brother urged.

“Ay, ayoko! Ang laki laki niyan! Papatayin mo ba ako?” the girlfriend argued.

Her brother wouldn’t give up though:

“Kalahati lang! Higupin mo muna kasi!”

To which, the girlfriend replied

“Kadiri! Mabuhok pa oh!”



DJ Raqi read next how the girl spit out her coffee in shock of what she heard. She started laughing hysterically, sure that she heard something she shouldn’t have.

At that moment, her brother got out of his room and saw how she was almost dying with laughter.



“Tawa ka ng tawa diyan, para kang t*nga!”

She ignored her brother but looked his way. That’s when she spotted what he had in his hand — a plateful of balut!



Even netizens were carried away by the supposedly SPG story, but it turns out it was actually so innocent! Many netizens noted that the lady who wrote to DJ Raqi, as well as the listeners whose minds immediately jumped to something green had it all wrong because of their filthy, filthy minds.

In the end, one lesson stuck with everyone: Marami ang namamatay sa maling akala!













Watch the whole Secret Files episode here:

DJ Raqi Terra SPG


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What can you say about this Secret File? Did you really think it was SPG at first? Why/why not? Let us know in the comments section below!


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