DJ Raqi Terra narrates realizations of this cheating boyfriend

The story of this cheating boyfriend was difficult to listen to. DJ Raqi Terra herself seemed miffed as she narrated the story of how the guy so nonchalantly hurt his girlfriend. Of course, the guy had his fair share of “valid reasons.”

“Nagsasawa na ‘ko sa mga away namin. Nagsasawa na ‘ko sa pagiging demanding niya. At nagsasawa na ‘ko sa pag-iiyak-iyak niya, na para bang ginagawa niya na lang na way ‘yun para hindi ko siya iwanan.”

It didn’t take long, however, for the guy to reveal the real reason why he seemed to be falling out of love with his girlfriend.

“Aaminin ko, may iba na akong pinopormahan.”







What’s more infuriating is that this cheating boyfriend admitted he just used his girlfriend as a s3xu41 partner, even though he really wasn’t in love with her anymore. The guy started dating his other girl, and at one point they kissed.


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One day, the cheating boyfriend woke up to someone sobbing beside him in his bed — lo and behold, there his girlfriend was — holding his phone and crying over the guy’s sweet conversations with his other girl.

Aside from pity, the guy felt nothing else.









Still, the girl wouldn’t let the guy break up with her. She even made the effort to make their anniversary special, but all it did was to make the cheating boyfriend feel he’s blessed — nothing more.


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When his girlfriend asked him out to check in to a motel, he obliged. Things transpired.

After the dust settled, so to speak, is when the interesting part came in.





The guy had the chance to just look at his loyal and loving girlfriend while she’s asleep. He realized just how much weight she lost, and how lonely her face appeared. He recalled all their good memories together, and that’s when he realized something:

This is the girl he really loved. This is the girl he wants to be with. This is the girl he wants to fight for, and with.


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He suddenly regretted all his cheating ways, and vowed to value how fortunate he was to have such a girlfriend, who loved him so much and adored him, despite his failures, mistakes, and shortcomings.



He almost lost the love of his life for temporary pleasure, so he has some choice words for men who might be temped to cheat on their girlfriends, just like he did. Watch it here:

yes the best 101.1

Pang-kama na lang ang gf ko kasi feeling ko hindi ko na siya mahal.

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