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Ex-adult film star divorcing millionaire husband and being called”Gold Digger”

After quitting the adult film industry, converting to Buddhism, and then marrying an American millionaire, former adult film star Kesarin Chaichalermpol recently broke the internet when she suddenly announced that she and her spouse are getting divorced. Now, Kesarin is looking for a new lover.

In 2012, Kesarin married 72-year-old Harold Jennings Nesland but their marriage was only revealed in 2016. Harold was the CEO and managing director for multi-manufacturing company Global Design Solutions based in Bellevue, Washington state. His stature in the business industry was the obvious reason why Kesarin was dubbed a “gold digger.”

According to Daily Mail Online, the former adult film star demanded a divorce for fear of potentially giving Harold a heart attack during their lovemaking sessions. However, Kesarin clarified that she was not an opportunist.

“I never needed Harold to take care of me financially, I’m no gold digger. I’m not desperate. He paid for everything but I know he has a lot of expenses of his own in America. So I was understanding and said he could reduce my monthly salary. We are still friends and if ever I have a problem I can call him for help.”

After they parted ways, Kesarin went back to modelling, mostly on provocative photo shoots, to earn money. She also shared that Harold did not initially agree to the divorce.

“It took a long time for Harold to agree to the divorce. My family didn’t want me to separate. But he understands now. I don’t want him to be tortured either. He’s so old. He needs someone to look after him always and we are in different places”

Meanwhile, now that she’s single again, Kesarin detailed what her prerequisites are for someone to be her next beau.

“I’m single and looking to date. The documents that must be submitted are photographs of your face and full-length picture, bank statements from the last five years to show your [sic] financially secure, divorce papers if you were married before and your nationality.”

What can you say about this? Do you agree that she did not marry Harold for money? Share your comments and reactions below!

Source: dailymail


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