Woman redeems her phone missing for seven months from an upright man

There are noble men who still exists here in the world. And when we hear stories about them, our look at humanity is being restored bit by bit. As of yesterday, Cha Buenconsejo posted on Facebook about an unforgettable experience that melted her heart.

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She lost her iPhone 7 for almost seven months ago, and accepted the fate that it is already gone. However, with a bit of luck, someone contacted her through a text message, saying to have discovered her phone on a bus in Fairview. Cha believed it was obviously because it has been missing for an aeon.

The stranger even exerted an effort to purchase a phone charger to be able to access it. “Sorry, ngayon ko lang na text bumili pa kasi ako charger para ma on at malaman kanino to”, the good man wrote in a text message.

Every person Cha knew, said that maybe it’s just a prank or some modus operandi. But she was brave enough to risk for her phone, so she took the opportunity.

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Both of them set terms to meet at a certain place in Kamuning, Quezon City at 9AM. At Cha’s first glance of the good man in personal, she knew that her phone was safe from his hands. He told to be careful next time of her belongings, especially of items that are expensive.

The man did not accept the money as a reward from her in return of his good deed. However, Cha insisted to at least give him money for his transportation because he came all the way from Bulacan, but still refused to take it.

The post has been a talk of the town as of posting yesterday. It has now 113, 147 reactions, 9910 comments, and 37, 365 shares from Facebook netizens.

Cha said that the joy of redeeming her phone is comparable to the experience that there are still good-hearted people out there.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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