Facebook user posted screenshots of women cat calling a guy

People who ask to be respected should also know how to respect others. Regardless of what gender you have, cat calling is still indecent and uncomfortable. More people should be aware that it doesn’t just happen to girls because boys also receive unwanted attention from women they don’t even know.

Recently, a Facebook user posted a picture of a guy and took a screenshot of some of the comments written on it. The said snap showed different girls saying uncomfortably erotic things about the guy. The purpose of the one who posted it was not to embarrass these women but to serve as an awareness that there are girls who do bad things such as cat calling.

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It is alarming how other people think. One girl said that it is okay when women is the one giving the unwanted attention to men but when their positions are switched, it is considered as an illegal activity. This is definitely an unfair situation for the young men unfortunate enough to be targets.
Another girl left a comment saying that they only give their attention to men who are handsome. This means that they could care less about the ones who are less attractive. It shows how there is no gender equality among us.

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It’s never okay to disrespect a person even if it just online. Whether you are a girl or a boy, everyone should be accountable for their wrongdoings. To justify a mistake is just making the whole situation worse. Feminism is okay, but not all feminists are doing it right.


Double standards shouldn’t be done. When you know something is wrong when it is done to you, then don’t do it to others as well. A person should know that things like this is not bad when it only happens to them. We should think about other people’s lives too.

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