Ian Veneracion reacts fake news about him!

Fake news is definitely one of the main battles many countries in the world face nowadays. With the continuously rising power of social media and the people handling powerful and influential accounts, people are being more vigilant and aware of what is being posted on their feeds – especially when it is about them.

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One of the biggest – and most profitable – section on news websites and various social media pages are entertainment news about everyone’s favorite celebrities. Most celebrities have become used to the fact that stories will be written about them whether they are true or not and some have learned how to roll with the waves when something interesting comes up about them.

One of the leading celebrities in the Philippines is Ian Veneracion. Veneracion has been gracing the screens of many Filipinos for decades and his exceptional acting abilities and really good – looking features have earned him a place in many people’s hearts.

News and posts about Veneracion and his life, especially his love for motorcycles, is nothing new, but recently, a news article has been making its rounds on Facebook proclaiming that Veneracion has crossed to the other side due to a motorcycle accident.

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News about celebrities crossing over to the other side, especially when the celebrity being talked about is well – loved by many, immediately goes viral. But sometimes, these news reports get misleading tips and end up reporting false news.

When Veneracion saw the post talking about his apparent condition, instead of getting mad or seriously discussing the repercussions of fake news, he simply laughed it off and even posted about it on his Instagram page.

“Kaya pala di ako pinapansin ng asawa ko

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