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Thai Woman Na Bina-bash Ng Lahat Dahil Sa Kaniyang Itsura Ginulat Ang Marami Nang Malamang Isa Siya Sa Mayroon Napakalaking Tulong Na Naibigay Sa Yolanda Victims

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately for some people, they tend to focus more on a person’s physical beauty rather than the inner one. It causes them to judge people and make fun of them for being different. What never occurred to them is that some of these people who they belittle have bigger hearts than they ever could have. Take, for example, the Thai wonder, Sitagsus Bao.
Sitagsus Bao or “Sitang Buathong” is a 55-year-old Thai national. She has been the “talk of the town” after Filipinos have discovered how big her heart is.

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At first sight, Sitagsus looks like she does not belong to society’s beauty standards. But as you get to know her, you will realize that her beauty is not on the outside but on the inside, which is more important. You will also find out that she is one of the most respected personalities in Thailand for her generosity and compassion.

She recently made a buzz in our local social media. On Sitagsus’ Facebook profile, some Filipinos revealed that she gave donations after our country experienced typhoon Yolanda. Another netizen shared that she owns an online store and other businesses.

Not only that, but in Thailand, she is also the most sought-after endorsers, and she is a lawyer too! She’s not the “jack of all trades” she’s the “Queen of all trades.”

In her hometown, people know her as the woman who always stops a person in need to give them money. Despite all of the criticisms she has received she always put her faith in God and continue helping others.


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Many are now waiting after she announced that she will be visiting the country very soon. We’re pretty sure that upon arrival, Sitagsus will be warmly welcomed by Filipinos.


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