Bboom Bboom Na Dance Craze, Ginamit Na Kanta Sa Libing At Umani Ito Ng Halu-halong Reaksyon Mula Sa Mga Netizen

The Philippines used to be a very conservative country. We observe statures and laws up to the highest regard. We were raised using the carrot and stick method and because of that we are afraid of the punishments that might befall us if we don’t follow rules or certain procedures. We are always after order and we love tradition.

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Back in the old times, rules were considered something that is set in stone. Traditions have always been part of the norm, no matter how nonsensical they might seem, and people follow in blind belief without considering what was intelligent and what is not. It’s hard to derail from these traditions because the majority would judge you, and would treat you as an outcast. All of it was like playing sheep and it’s not fun anymore.

Now that millennials have grown up, it seems like the winds of change have already blown and there is more acceptance than what was once considered as taboo or out of the ordinary. Millennials are freethinkers. They are not afraid to stand out and to speak your mind. They are proactive and they love a good argument. They are ready to fight tooth and nail just to prove that their impositions are right. That is why it’s not surprising that even a sad procession can be a fun and laughter filled engagement, with them around.

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In the video uploaded in Facebook, people were thrilled to see a procession pass by and instead of the usual slow and heartbreaking songs that were played to ensure that the one who went into afterlife would be respected and the family of the person who went ahead could grieve in peace.

In a video taken from Masantol, Pampanga, spectators were surprised when instead of the slow and sad songs what they heard from the procession as it goes is the hit Kpop song, Momoland. Not only that, the family and others who paid their respects were all giddy and dancing while walking under the heat of the scorching sun.

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As it was uploaded, netizens had different opinions about the unusual procession, others were saying that it was fun and different, those from Pampanga were even proud that it happened in their town, however, there’s also a good number of people saying that it was a form of disrespect to the soul of the person who passed away.

Watch the video below:

Libing to the tune of Boom boom (momoland) Bat nga naman kailangan malungkot,eh kung pwedi naman maging masaya🤣#SMSingers #SMFUNERAL Only in MasantolPampanga

Posted by Jry Usi Perez on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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