Magiging Ate Na Si Zia! Marian Rivera Kumpiramadong Nagdadalang-tao Muli!

Just recently, there have been rumors that the Asia’s Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera, is pregnant once again. The speculations started when a small bulge on her tummy was noticed in an event she attended. Known for her perfectly slim physique, this caused fans and netizens to talk about the possibility of her having another baby.

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes’s first born daughter is adored by everyone. Maria Letizia, or lovingly called Zia by many, has just turned 2 years old and is already captivating the hearts of people who catch a glimpse of her. The beautiful ‘dalagingding’ is always featured in Marian and Dingdong’s Instagram, to the delight of Zia’s fans.

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Adorable Zia definitely got her ‘artistahin’ looks from her gorgeous mom and dad. We can’t help but wonder if one day, she will grace our television screens with her cute face and charming antics.

With the entire country enthralled by their daughter’s charm, is the power couple ready for another child? The answer is yes. Marian and Dingdong are apparently thrilled with the idea of having another baby again, and according to some sources, it was said that the couple has definite plans on getting pregnant after Zia.

Little Zia Dantes also wished for a baby sibling. Can you just picture another beautiful baby next to Maria Letizia? The Dantes household would surely light up with two adorable cherubs running around the place.

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This wish seems to be coming true as soon as it was uttered. A photo uploaded by Fashion Pulis convinced the majority of fans and netizens that Marian is indeed carrying a child. Prior to this, there were already reports that the couple was only waiting for the doctor’s confirmation before they say anything to their friends and fans.

There is an obvious tummy bulge going on in the picture. Aside from this, Marian and her mother-in-law appears to be caressing it. Baby or not, Marian is looking more glowing as the days go by!

Netizens showed their support and happiness for the couple, whether if the pregnancy rumors are true or not.

“Congrats idol. Sana baby boy na”
“Nag ka totoo na ang birthday wish ni Zia haha”

Some were convinced that the photo confirms it, some believes it was edited.
“I guess an announcement if forthcoming in the next couple of weeks or even days. Pag weeks pa hintayin nila, di na kailangan mag announce kasi lolobo na siya.”

“WOW, at last nakabuo ulit. Successful ang 2nd baby project nila. Ginalingan ni DD masyado. What a nice birthday gift for Zia kasi wish niya talaga magka baby brother. Sana kasing ganda/pogi, charming and bibo din like Zia.”

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Watch the video below:

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

We’ll be waiting for the announcement, DongYan!

Source: Youtube, KAMI

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