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Ano ang gagawin mo kung ganito ang waiter? Isang Waiter Viral Ngayon Dahil Sa Kaniyang Paraan Para Kumuha Ng Order Ng Customer

A waiter, like any other job, has tiresome responsibilities. Their job description includes providing excellent wait service to their customers. They are to ensure customer satisfaction which is very important in a restaurant business. They take your orders, make sure you’re comfortable, bring your food, and sometimes, ask for an evaluation of their service.

On Facebook, a waiter’s way to amuse himself and his customers were to dance. Many netizens commended his enthusiasm while doing his job. They were impressed by how the waiter gave his extra service and showed dedication towards his job as a waiter.


Throughout the video, the waiter was full-on dancing. He was dancing when he gave the menu to his customers. He was dancing when he took their orders. His customers, however, seemed to be weirded out at him. Who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you have reacted in a similar manner if you see you waiter dancing like there’s tomorrow while serving you?

Netizens laughed at the hilarity of the video. Some shared their other thoughts, like how it’s because of Filipino culture and others::

“Waiter is not just for service, it’s for entertainment at the same time. I’m a waiter.. were all dancing when someone celebrates their special day in our outlets.”

“Filipino people are happy people, very humorous, they always try to make others laugh, they make a fool of themselves to entertain their friends and family. I know that because I am also a joker. I enjoy making my friends laugh.”

“Nowadays, people get a job for the sake of earning money without giving much consideration whether they like their job or not. At least this guy obviously loves his job and he’s earning too. God bless you po!”


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Whatever the waiter’s reason was for dancing like he did, he surely made a lot of people smile. That’s the most important part of servicing others, whether it’s a job or an outreach, the main goal is to receive smiles for a job well done.

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Watch the video below:

Ano ang gagawin mo kung ganito ang waiter? Hahaha

Ano ang gagawin mo kung ganito ang waiter? Hahaha

Posted by Trend Ngayon on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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