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Isang Baby Na May Diperensya Sa Pandinig Naging Emosyonal Nang Marinig Ang Boses Ng Kaniyang Nanay Sa Unang Pagkakataon

Christy Keane is the creator and the writer of the lifestyle blog called The Blushing Bluebird where she shares her motherhood experiences to her followers. She has two adorable “bluebirds” namely Cameron, her two-year old girl and, Charlotte or Charly, her two-month-old baby.

Different from her older sister, Charly was born with a bilateral profound congenital hearing loss which makes her deaf. Christy said that Charly is a rare case in their family because she does not know anyone from their lineage who has hearing impairment.

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It was hard for Christy knowing that her youngest child could not hear her. She said that there were no signs at all that could possibly hint that Charly would suffer from a hearing defect during Christy’s pregnancy. Charly’s condition really came as a surprise.

But this did not stop Christy from providing all the love and affection towards her daughter. Christy claims that she had never met a deaf person until her daughter was born. To be able to communicate with her child, Christy taught herself sign language and spent her time researching about cochlear implants.

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Through the help of modern technologies, hearing devices are made available to help those with hearing difficulties.

Charly was recently fitted with her own hearing aid. According to Christy’s Instagram post, the hearing aid will not make Charly hear but it will get her brain and auditory nerve be used to vibrations and stimulations. This is a preparation before Charly undergo a surgery for her cochlear implants as soon as she reaches 1 year old.

The video of the emotional moment where Charly gets to hear her mom for the first time was shared by Christy on the internet. It brought many people who have watched the video to tears.
Charly was already wearing the hearing aid when her mother greeted her “hello.” The voice of Christy registered to Charly’s ear and she slowly began to smile.

Christy continuously talked to her daughter while the latter was unsure whether to smile or cry at the sound of her mother’s “I love you.”

“We didn’t think she would hear anything so this was more incredible than I can put into words,” said Christy in her Instagram post.

“I know she was feeling what I was feeling in my heart at the same time,” she added as she sees the responses of her daughter to her voice.

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Watch the video below:

Deaf baby girl hears her mom for the first time

Deaf baby girl hears her mom's voice for the first time…. ♥#AwwWorld #Cuteness #Emotional #CuteBaby #BabyVideos #Parenthood #Motherhood

Posted by AwwWorld on Thursday, November 16, 2017

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