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BEWARE! This Would Happen If The Fly Lands On Your Food

Flies aren’t as horrible as cockroaches. For one they don’t attack you and corner you when you’re home alone and unarmed. They don’t bite either, or crawl on your skin when you’re asleep – they might, but we don’t feel it as much as when it’s the roaches that are doing the creeping. Flies are pretty harmless when they’re only out and about doing their own thing, buzzing and hustling meters away from you. When they’re close to you, however, tells a totally different story.

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In brevity, flies are disgusting. You know where they could have been and you know what attracts them — filth, and dirt, and poop, and rotten things. Did you know that these creatures don’t even have teeth? Instead they have proboscis, a long tongue that is maneuvered like a straw. And there’s roughly about 100,000 different species of them.

Less interesting, when a fly lands on our food, it vomits there so the acids can dissolve the food and they’d suck it up with their proboscis. Disgusting. To further that, do note that flies love to eat poop and manure — old garbage. These germs stay on their feet and their mouth and may get passed on to your food. But it gets worse. Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, other different animals and even someone’s rotting flesh. Their larvae are known as maggots. They look like bits of rice. After laying their eggs, the maggots hatch out and eat their way out the decaying organic material enclosed toward them before they pupate and emerge as an adult fly a couple of days after. They lay several hundreds of eggs over that time.

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One can only imagine the stress the lady who filmed this clip felt when she saw the whole circle of life happen right in front of her eyes!

The horror and disgust to witness the whole thing!! This is why it’s very important as well to avoid them by precautionary measures at all costs. There are no possible ways to rule out flies in the city, but improved hygiene and a clean space will always help for the better and avoid situations like this! Always ensure that food is covered, throughout preparation cooking and even serving. Never leave the left overs sitting about outside for the flies to consume. You just have to try a bit harder to avoid going through what happened in that clip!

Watch the video below:

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