WATCH! Video Ng Dalawang Babaeng Nagkikilay Viral Dahil Sa Hindi Nila Inaasahang Pangyayari

Makeup tutorials and makeup transformations have been very popular on the internet today. This gives women and women at heart the chance to explore the world of makeup through their internet idols. Some internet personalities even share their favorite makeup brands to their fans. But during much simpler times, what girls usually do is have a makeup session with the gals.

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Before the internet existed, whenever a girl wanted to learn how to wear makeup, they either ask their moms or experiment with their friends. It was one of those bonding moments girls have in high school and sometimes even in college.


In a Facebook video, a beki and a girl was having their own makeup sesh. In their session, the beki was in charge of putting the makeup on his friend. the video only took a few seconds before it ended. As the beki was putting his friend’s eyeshadow, the mirror they were using, suddenly falls on the girl’s face.

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If this had happened to your friend, we’re pretty sure you both would laugh yourselves out. And that is exactly what they did on their video.
The video was uploaded by a Facebook page named Tweets. It a week it had already reached 2.6 million views with 60.1 thousand shares and 52 thousand reactions. The post was captioned:


A netizen corrected the page and cleared that it wasn’t her eyebrows but her eyeshadow instead. Naturally, a lot of netizens found the video very hilarious. Most of them only commented to tag their friends to the video. Some said that the girl on the video was still lucky it was only a minor hit.

All in all, the video was entertaining regardless of the fact that the main point of the makeup session failed. At least they were able to gather more audience, people who aren’t so fond of makeup but are very fond of video fails.

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Watch The Video Below:


Posted by Tweets on Friday, October 5, 2018

Here Are Some Comments From The Netizens:

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