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Isang Lalaki Pinahanga Ang Mga Netizen Sa Kaniyang Kwento Tungkol Sa Isang Lalaking Nanghihingi Lang Ng P10 Para Sa Gatas

Yesterday, Jaive Joseph Roble Santos shared on Facebook a long post that tagged itself “feeling emotional” and after reading the post, everyone else started feeling the same as well.
He first started by saying “Kapit sa Diyos” and talked about something that had happened to him while he was walking on his way home.

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On his way home, doing his usual routine, someone went to him and touched his arm to ask if he had ten pesos to spare and give him. The man was asking for money so that he may afford to buy milk for his child. Jaive said that he was holding back his tears and turned quiet when he had heard these words. Out of panic, the man who was asking him for ten pesos said “Hindi po ako masamang tao, Sir! Di ko po kayang gumawa ng masama lalong ayaw kong makulong kawawa pamilya ko.” The man also shared that he has been circling the construction sites nearby to find for a job but to no avail. He had accepted this and resorted into asking for money from strangers. He even confessed that his wife had no idea that this was what he was doing, but he was keen on earning even just enough so he may take care of his family the way he had promised his wife.

When Jaive, the original poster, asked him what his baby’s milk was, the humble man answered “Yung baby Sir, Nestogen, yung 160.00 lang po pwede ng pang dalawang araw. Yung 3 yrs old ko naman po Bear Brand nakabili napo ko ng diapers sir heto kinapos lang po talaga.” He had then showed 150 pesos in his palms. At this point, Jaive said that he was not sure whether he’d give him the money or if he should buy him the milk first hand. Since they were near Market Market, he opted for the latter. “Wag ka magalala pinagtagpo tayo ng Dios ngayong araw, magkapatid tayo, ako bahala sayo! Di gaanong marami pera ko pero lika.” said Jaive to the father.

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When they entered the supermarket, Jaive also decided to buy the father and his kids a bigger pack of Nestrogen Milk in order to have some few days of allowance. He also got him chicken and other meat that he could cook into meals.

Until the very end, the father who is later to be named Jerick, was expressing his overflowing gratitude for Jaive and said that the next time they meet, he will be the one treating him instead.

The story has touched the hearts of several netizens and was shared over 198,809 times on Facebook alone. One can say that stories like this need to be spread even more to show the goodness that exists in humanity, and that despite the hard days, life finds its way to help us endure and get through the toughest of times. Truly inspring and heart touching, Jaive’s story is definitely one for the books and has set an example to how we should treat each other, with utmost respect and sympathy!

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