Wow! Ganito Pala Ang Itsura Ng Mga Fireworks Kapag Pinaputok Ito Habang Maliwanag Pa Ang Langit

Everyone loves watching fireworks illuminate dark skies, but did you ever wonder what they would look like during the day? If you’re curious about it, you might want to check out the so-called daytime fireworks. Just take a look at this viral video on Facebook.

As seen on the viral clip, it showed how daytime fireworks really work. From the looks of it, the typical daytime fireworks use a lot of smoke including black, which shows up nicely, if creepily, against a blue sky, and some even appear like flocks of crows.

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In this footage, we can see an extended display of it. You can see how several colors play with each other while trying to harmonize against the wide blue canvas of the clear sky.

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The netizens, on the other hand, expressed their mixed sentiments on the said viral Facebook video. Some of them appreciate how visually it was while the others said that it might hurt flying animals, particularly the birds, near the location from where the daytime fireworks transpired.

“Lol not at all. 99% will give you white smoke. And most definitely looks nothing like this. These are clearly purposely made like this. Has seriously no one lit fireworks in the day? Lol”

“OK but I actually thought this was a meme instead of something educational so when the black stuff was in the sky I really thought “daytime fireworks” was code for [redacted] hella birds.”

“That’s why they were called daytime fireworks, not just fireworks shot during the day. They are meant to be used during the day. I bet anyone who has complained about this has stared at fireworks and enjoyed every moment, so remember your full of [redacted].”

“People have been doing this for centuries. What don’t you protest volcanoes? They put more crap in the air than ten years of car emissions of the 50s and 60s combined. Get a grip snowflake!”

“We had daytime fireworks with the opening of the Firefighting Games in Perth, Australia in ’94, it was spectacular, with each country’s flag coming down from mortars too…”

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Watch the video below:

Daytime Fireworks

Daytime fireworks are beautiful.

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