Isang Lalaki Hindi Maipaliwanag Ang Reaksyon Nang Makita Niya Ang Tiyan Ng Kaniyang Asawang Bago Panganak

To understand motherhood, one must understand sacrifice. It is true that to most women in the world, being a mother is a dream, a goal, a realization that you can be someone more than yourself, you can be someone that can nurture someone else. For most part of a woman’s life, she believes that being a mother is one of the things she can be to realize her true purpose.

For some women, being a mother is a dream come true. I mean, who would not want to raise, nurture, and care for a child that is half you and half of someone you dearly love? Children are the strings that strongly links family members to one another. They are source of pure and genuine happiness, and to have the chance to carry one in your womb and rear them is truly an enriching and out-of-this-world experience.

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But as we have said before, motherhood is sacrifice. Yes, most parts of it is laced with utter contentment, genuine love, and unparalleled happiness, but you cannot have all that without giving up something. Firstly, you would have to carry a child inside your body for nine whole months! During that period, your body is not yours, but also your child’s. The journey of rearing a child inside a woman’s womb is arduous and long.

The act of giving birth is an entirely different thing. Your life will be on the line as you try to deliver your child safely into the world. We have heard countless women talk about how incredibly painful the process is. Mothers have literally sacrificed their lives for their children, and that is something that we always ought to think about.

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A mother’s journey does not end in giving birth. It does not end at all. But now we have to talk about what giving birth does to a mother’s body.

A young mother has shared photos of her belly after birth on her personal page. It should not come as a shock since we know that a woman’s belly stretches when carrying a baby, but the photo is still haunting. Scarred, darkened, and ruined, it will surely bother some people who will look at it.

Upon seeing this, the husband of this young mother broke down into tears while hugging her. Realizing the extreme sacrifice she had to make for their child, the man was touched. Who would not be? He finally understood the extent of his wife’s love for him and their family.

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Her body might not look like how it used to be, but it is a reminder of her great sacrifice and love for her child. Stretch marks given by birthing are physical proof of a mother’s strength and beauty, inside and out.

Watch the video below:

Seeing the wife's belly after giving birth, the husband burst into tears

Posted by Jorge Abesamis on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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