Lalong Naging Bigtime! Napakalaking Pagkakaiba Ng Bahay Ngayon Ni Pauleen Luna Noong Dalaga Pa Siya At Ngayong Isang Ganap Na Sotto

One may say that Pauleen Luna is living a thriving life. With her current stature in show business, being married to the love of her life, Vic Sotto — who is equally well-established as her in the realm — and being blessed with their beautiful firstborn, Baby Talitha, it seems that anybody would feel even just a tinge of envy towards the Kapuso star.

Quite recently, the internet community was truly astonished upon witnessing the set of snaps of the Pauleen’s home way before she married Vic. Indeed, the sprawling house can leave anyone in awe, what more if we also show you the snippets of Pauleen’s dwelling with her new family?

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Let’s start with the façade. And yes, both house fronts were beyond comparison. The exterior promises a spacious internal abode. The two have sleek wheels parked at the front, which are actually a sight to behold. But despite the industrial outdoor setting, a touch of nature was still present and a truly impressive way to greet the guests.

Walking through the two houses’ living rooms, both are airy and, we bet, you wouldn’t waste any time relaxing at these spaces. Even the dining areas were adorned with modern tropical furniture and add-ons. The kitchens have mini-dining set each, because we can imagine sumptuous meals getting prepped up in these two spaces.

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Of course, we wouldn’t forget to mention the pristine blue pools of each of the mansion. Both are surrounded by lush greenery, enough to make every member of the family and guests unwind for a while. We’re picturing wine and pizza as they take a break from their dip.

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The two homes were originally featured by Real Living. According to the article, Pauleen took over full responsibility of prettifying the interior design and overall embellishments of her and Vic’s house. And we can’t deny that she made a great job in handling everything. Staring at their home’s photos online, we can’t help but agree that indeed, there is no place like home, especially if you live in that beautiful mansion.

Source: KAMI

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