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Mga Netizen Hindi Maitago Ang Galit Sa Babae Na Ito Matapos Magwala Dahil Sobrang Ikinakahiya Niya Ang Nanay Niyang Tindera

People tend to be more protective when it comes to their family. Having good paying job to provide for your family nowadays is very hard to achieve if you didn’t have education and diploma to show. In our society, people get judged very easily and getting hired for a job becomes really hard. People would do everything to keep their family’s stomach full, and acquire their needs to survive. Some even reach the point wherein they have to do unlawful activities in order to survive and provide for their families.

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Talking about financial status usually makes people uncomfortable especially if somebody is having a crisis regarding the issue. People experiencing poverty feels shameful but actually people should not be ashamed of this. Experiencing scarcity does not mean that a person is not doing something about his situation. Some people are born into families struggling financially. It is just some people are not receiving the same opportunities others have. For sure we all want and dream of having the wealth that will provide us our needs and want.

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A viral video broke the internet where a girl showed up, dressed gracefully, and started shouting and telling inappropriate words to an elderly woman. People around the two got alarmed especially after they found out that the elderly woman was the mother of the lady that is well dressed. In the video, you will be able to see that the girl, due to her irritation, she threw some stuff her mother was selling. People around the two who are arguing did not made any move to intervene with them. They just sat around, observed and did nothing. The two were screaming and the well-dressed lady is telling hurtful words to the elder woman but still no one intervened thinking that it is an issue to be solved by the mother and daughter.


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After some time, they revealed that it was a social experiment where they observed how people will react with the circumstance that was presented to them. The test was to determine what will the people do, will they stay still and do nothing, help the elderly woman or give sentiments to the shouting lady. The experiment gave a result that people when in public, tend to not interfere and mind their own given that the situation is already getting out of hand and already very disturbing.
How did you feel about the video? What would you do if you were in that scenario? Share your thoughts below.

Watch the video below:

Ashamed of his vendor mother

Nakakaawa naman si nanay :'(

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, October 21, 2018

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