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Isang 16-Years-Old Na Lalaki Ikinulong Ang 71 Years-Old Niyang Asawa Dahil Sa Napakasensitibong Dahilan

Nowadays, many individuals considered a lot of things in starting a relationship, which couples need to gauge things in order to keep a constant bond as time goes by. One thing involves the age gap. This kind of relationship comes out when a partner is knowingly younger or older than their other half. But, it does not seem like an issue for this Indonesian couple whose relationship was ever since known to the public.

The love story of this 16-year old teenager and a 71-year old grandmother will made anyone believe that age is just a number when it comes to relationships.

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The two received different comments from other people after they choose to show their relationship to the public since then. A lot of negative reactions about their age gap and the variations on degree of their maturity have been the issue online. Despite of all those negative criticisms, the couple choose to ignore the issues and showed to everyone that their relationship were stronger and even better.

Their families was left no choice but to accept them, even if they were against the two, after they threatened their families to kill themselves by the time they forced the couple to be apart.

The young boy and this old grandmother got married and spent their time together in Jakarta. After that, they both live in the same house. There were rumors that this young man locked his wife at home every time he goes out because of jealousy. He explained, thereafter, that he was just afraid that other men would express feelings and interest to his wife. Sometimes, he missed to attend to the mosque for the Friday prayers just to be with his wife. The village leader and his wife always reminded him not to forget his obligations.

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The couple also had plans for having kids, which they gone around telling other village people. They even shared that,

“I want my daughter to be named Putri Permata Sari and my son to be named Andre Maulana.”
Recently, there were reports circulating that the old woman usually suffers to exhaustion and was sent to health center.

Their relationship is just a proof that the large age gap does not matter when you are in love.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

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