Napakaswerte ng lalake! Isang Lalake Kinainggitan Ng Mga Kalalakihan Dahil Sa Kaniyang Napakagandang Girlfriend

We are often judged by the society depending on our physical appearance. Undeniably, this is way too backwards and harsh, but it has always been like this. Fortunately, in the modern day, people are becoming more and more conscious of their words and actions, and we would like to think that everyone is becoming kinder and more accepting.

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However, this is just a dream, a daydream, for most of us. In reality, we still live in a world where your physical attributes may or may not be advantageous to you. Especially with the rigid and almost impossible to attain beauty standards that has been set for everyone to agree on, people will often judge and criticize you for how you look. Social media even made it easier for them to do so.


For the longest time, Western beauty standards have ruled the world. We think that fair skin, blue eyes, tall nose bridge equates to the word beauty. Anything other than those characteristics must not be beautiful, as the standard goes. This has created an environment of hostility towards people who do not possess these traits.


We grew up thinking that these beauty standards should be our guide to picking out who we want to spend our whole lives with. Most people look for partners that they consider is ‘attractive enough’ for them. That is why stories of couples with unequal level of ‘beauty’ (according to the Western standard), always get a sheer amount of attention from people all around the globe.

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This how the couple Lucy Sama (Luvella) and Pen Visa became a hot topic for netizens. Looking at the photos, it is clear that Lucy is a very attractive lady. Her porcelain-like skin is definitely her asset, and she does look like a doll. By the standards of our society, she is beautiful and attractive.


But her husband Pen does not quite fit this mold. His dark skin tone is totally in contrast to his wife’s fair skin. Some people have been throwing comments that imply their incompatibility in terms of physical attributes–Lucy is too beautiful for Pen. But the couple does not pay attention to any of them.


If anything, Pen and Lucy lives a happy and unbothered life. They have a beautiful baby daughter–olive skin, curly locks, and big, expressive eyes–that is a testament that proves how old and irrelevant the society’s beauty standard is.

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This beautiful family is bonded by genuine love; love beyond physical appearance and the concept of beauty and attractiveness. Do you agree?

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