Nakakita Na Ba Kayo Ng Ganitong Bote Sa Inyong Sasakyan? Tumawag Agad Ng Pulis Dahil Ito Ang Pwedeng Mangyari Sa Inyo

With the impressive and fast evolving technology that authorities can possess, you would think unlawful acts would now be far lesser than they were before. However, as laws and technology evolve, it seems like lawbreakers are finding more creative ways to continue their misdeeds.

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Nowadays, no one is particularly safe from these wrongdoers. Those who have valuables possessions are usually the favorite targets of these people, that is why everyone should be aware of every trick in their book. Whether you have a phone, a car, or any item with value, you must always be aware of your surroundings to not be tricked.

Of course, car theft is a different subject altogether. A large item such as vehicles will be much harder to steal, but that is a wrong assumption. Thieves employ new tricks every now and then, it is important to be aware of these things to be able to prepare yourself. So, if you have a car or know anyone who owns a car, continue reading and be warned.

This new type of ‘modus’ was first discovered in South Africa and Mexico. Authorities have issued warnings to car owners to be extra careful because new sophisticated ways of car theft are being used. This is it how it works.

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When a car is found to be isolated, meaning there is no one inside and no one near it, the perpetrator will put a plastic bottle in the space near the tire. The position of the bottle will be put in a blind spot, so the owner will not really see it at first. Next, they will wait for the owner to start the engine and drive.

Of course, the tires will start to move, and it will produce a strange sound emitted by the crushing of the plastic bottle. Since the owner is not aware of what is happening, he or she will go down the car to check the tires and find out what is causing the sound.

The car’s driver seat door is opened, and it is now the thief’s window of opportunity. While the owner is busy fumbling around the tire, the thief will embark the car, and drive it away from the helpless owner.
There is a video on YouTube that demonstrates how this trick works. In such a short period of time, carelessness could be the reason you lose something as valuable as a car. To avoid this, always make it a point to check if there is something suspicious or out of ordinary. If there is, ask help from the authorities.

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Watch The Video Below:

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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