Batang Lalaki Sa Isang Contest Nagviral Dahil Sa Kaniyang Totoong Sinabi Nito Tungkol Sa Pilipinas

Little children are truly impressionable. At a young age, they are able to absorb and learn a bulk of new information when given the proper avenue. They can even develop and enhance their artistic and social abilities when they are given the opportunity to!

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More than learning from books and other written references, parents and teachers are urged to look at other modern alternatives that could possibly enhance the learning capacity of children. Even television shows and films are different ways for students to get something useful outside the four corners of the classroom.

This is the reason why schools give importance to creating an environment where children can express themselves in any way they want to. Extra-curricular activities are becoming more and more influential and enticing for students, and this is a good thing. It is important that children, at a young age, are influenced to be themselves and show their creativity.

Activities outside of classrooms are important part of a holistic education children must receive. They will realize what talents they have, what they are good at, and develop social abilities useful for their personal improvement. Building up of their confidence is crucial because that trait will ultimately help them later in life.

It is very common for schools to organize events where the highlight involves some kind of a ‘pageant’. I am sure that at one point of your life, you have watched these kinds of school pageants. ‘Mr. & Ms. Buwan ng Wika’, ‘Mr. & Ms. Intramurals’, and many other types of competitions like these exist, and they do not only focus on physical appearance.

They highlight intelligence, and most of all wit and presence!

Indeed, children have become funnier and more witty as time goes by. Just have a look at this little boy who made the crowd roar in fits of laughter because of his introduction.

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Walking confidently to the center of the stage, he came up to the mouth and performed his self introduction spiel.

“Ako po si Neomar Rosit, mula sa bansang madaming chismosa, Pilipinas!”

Hearing these words from a small boy made it even funnier. School activities such as this really provides an avenue for little children to express their lovely and unique personalities.

With more than 30,000 shares, netizens were definitely entertained by this performance.

“Award Hahaha”
“may future yan yhang, may future mag-trend! hahahaha”
“bansang chismosa talaga ehhh”
“manang mana tlga sa nanay”

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In addition to the delivery of this boy, what made the spiel funny is how it depicts the reality in the Philippines. Are we really a country with ‘maraming chismosa’?

Watch The Video Below:

"Ako po si NEOMAR ROSIT, Mula sa bansang madaming chismosa PILIPINAS."😂😂😂😂

Posted by Ayie Lim Rosit on Sunday, October 21, 2018

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