Watch! Kababalaghang Nangyari Sa Kuwarto Ng Isang Lalaki Sobrang Ikinatakot Ng Netizens

As Halloween is fast approaching, we already found ourselves reminiscing about different scary stories and events that have happened at one point in our lives.
Although we know that these stories and events will give us goosebumps and will probably get us awake all night, we Filipinos are still fond of sharing such one-of-a-kind experiences just for the sake of fun, after all, there is no harm in telling a story, right?

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We all have our own fair share of spooky stories and with the continued innovation of technology, evidence supporting eerie stories is quite easy to acquire nowadays, and it makes it ten times scarier when backed up with evidence.

We’ve seen photos and clippings that made us stay awake all night, and just recently, another creepy footage will surely hunt you in your sleep or will probably make you stay up all night with lights on.


Talking about scary stories leads us to the question, do you believe in ghost? Do you believe that even at this age and time, some out of this world creature visits us from time-to-time for some unknown reason?

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If you don’t, then be prepared to watch this eerie video clip taken from CCTV footage inside an unknown man’s bedroom.
Based on the footage, a man could be sleeping soundly inside his room during the wee hours of the night.


All of a sudden, a part of his blanket moved and flipped over although he has not moved and nobody could be seen touching it.
After which, the curtain near the man’s bed was abruptly swayed on one side as if it was moved by a strong wind from the outside. Despite these movements near him, the man remains asleep and could not feel anything wrong happening around him.


At this point, the curtain is already half-opened, but things escalated quickly when a woman’s shadow could be seen slowly approaching the window.
After a few seconds, the mysterious guest could be seen peeking from inside the room as if searching for something. Slowly, the lady’s shadow disappeared out of nowhere.

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Shortly after all the spooky happening captured by the CCTV, the sleeping man suddenly moved and woke up feeling like nothing happened.

Watch The Video Below:

Man sees moving objects during sleep ,window opens to reveal a frightening thing

Posted by Jorge Abesamis on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Here Are Some Comments From The Netizens:

Although we are not 100-percent sure if the video clip is legitimate or just a part of a playful prank production, it surely gave you goose bumps.

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