Ruru Madrid, Usap Usapan Matapos Siyang Makita Na Kasama Ang Artistang Ito Sa Japan

Ruru Madrid and Bianca Umali have been sparking rumors since we can remember. Probably since Bianca Umali broke up with her then on screen and off screen boyfriend Miguel Tanfelix, the rumors have grown louder and louder eventually having many of their fans become semi obsessed with the couple who now have a loveteam despite having yet to work together in a single project.

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Perhaps that’s one way to wonder why the two have been spotted in Japan just as recently. Many netizens are not sure whether this trip was taken for leisure (many have been saying that this is their first official out of the country trip together) or that this could be for work as well, prompting happiness still from many netizens who would be more than willing to watch a show where their two favorite upcoming celebrity stars will go on to become the hottest loveteam in GMA 7 Kapuso network.

Furthermore, the photos that surfaced over the internet and is now vastly circulating it fuel the allegations that the two are in a romantic relationship together, much to the public’s excitement towards it.

In fact, just recently, photos of the two in a tattoo shop have surfaced therefore having many netizens conclude that the two were getting matching tattoos as a sign of their love. In one photo, Filipina beauty Bianca Umali can be seen with a stencil of a rose on her forearm, while Ruru Madrid is seen with a stencil of yet the same flower — a rose– on the right side of his upper body or his ribs. So we never really know what is going on until these two spill the beans and let us in their secret.

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Several netizens of course have a lot to say about this budding relationship or so to speak. Some find it more interesting than others, and others find it pretty tiring for the couple to be as evasive as they are now.

Here are some of the most noteworthy comments we have found below. Check them out:
“k lang yan mas magulat tayo kung sa pluto sila na mataan part panaman ng earth ang japan e.” Ray Saldo joked in his comment.

“I’m for Miguel but if she’s happy with Ruru its okay but I still chose miguel” Eedarich Pains said, seemingly deciding for Bianca Umali’s behalf.

“Kung sinuyo lang sana ni Miguel agad ‘to. Ok pa sana ang lahat! Kaya lang hindi na nga sinuyo, binreakan pa according b.i. Sa gandang taglay ba naman ni Bianca,ung tipong kahit walang make up legit na pretty talaga. magkukumahog mga manliligaw. Ayan na nga nakalusot si Ruru. Well, july ko pa napanuod ung blind item tungkol sa break up nila.

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Dahil selosa daw,kung may dahilan naman ang selos ni Bianca bakit hindi, lalo na KUNG MAY RELASYON! Sa lahat pa naman ng loveteam,sila lang totoo. Nasubaybayan ko sila simula noon. Bata pa sila, halos magkasama na silang nagdalaga at nagbinata.. On and off cam lagi sila magkasama. At kilala na ng pamilya si M. Sayang… Sakit sa puso! ” said in a very heartfelt and invested comment by Facebook user Nskcj Anna

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