Unico Hijo Ni Ina Raymundo Pinagkakagulahan Ngayon Sa Social Media Dahil Sa Napaka Gwapo Nitong Itsura

Cute boy, alert!
Every now and then, our social media newsfeeds are bombarded with negative news about unlawful activities, political feuds, social media wars, and all sorts of controversy which can be a little frustrating. Who would not want to take a break from all these stressing news and just focus on the good things in life?

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When we say good things, it doesn’t have to be expensive and would hurt your pocket that much. Sometimes, good things mean indulging your eyes with breathtaking views that will give you good vibes.

But what if you do not have the luxury of time to see a good view? Well, worry no more as we will bring you an eye-glowing view of this good newfound social media hottie who continuously captures the heart of both ladies and ladies at heart.

Meet Jacob Portunak, the son of 90s sexy star Ina Raymundo who is now taking the social media on fire because of his good looks and charm.
After Ina posted a photo with Jacob on her Instagram account, it immediately caught the attention of netizens left with nothing but three words “HE’S… SO… GWAPO!”
The 14-year-old unico hijo of Ina and husband Brian Portunak stands 5 feet 9 inches, you know how tall guys get extra pogi points, right?

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Being a teenage boy himself, Jacob is not a constant sight on his mother’s Instagram feed, but when he does appear even in just one photo, the said entry will surely be bombarded with likes and hearts from girls who are both smitten and head over heels of him.
Some netizens even noted how Jacob resembles the young Fernando Carillo, the famous Venezuelan actor who plays the role of Fernando Jose in the popular 90s hit television series, Rosalinda.

Meanwhile, just like any other moms with a teenage boy, Ina admitted that her quality time and bonding moments with Jacob is now lessened especially now that he is all grown up and exploring his world as a teenager.

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“It’s painful, kasi he used to be a mama’s boy. Talagang ako yung buhay niya, ako yung mundo niya…” Ina said in a phone interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) back in September 2017.

Jacob is among the five children of Ina and Brian, he’s the eldest and the only thorn among the roses so to say since he has 4 younger sisters.

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