Gubat Na Humihinga? Kahit Mga Netizen Nahiwagaan Sa Gubat Na Ito Na Animo’y Humihinga Ngunit Ito Pala Ang Dahilan Nito

No, there is no earthquake. Nope, this is not a scene from a new fiction movie, not even created by those waving-background-effects applications used to hype up your Instagram game. There is also no giant sleeping under that forest and yes, the video is not specifically made to build-up Halloween vibe.

It is actually a legitimate video footage taken from a forest in Sacre-Coeur, in Quebec, Canada where a bizarre forest movement of the trees and ground was captured moving up and down as if heavily breathing, clearing up its lungs and preparing to run.

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The 16-seconder video is now going rounds on different social media platform, leaving the online community baffled, scared, and amazed all at the same time. But what is really behind this bizarre forest breathing phenomenon?

Experts explained that the equally beautiful yet (a little) frightening scene was actually made and caused by our natural environment, meaning, it is simply the soil, water, wind, and moss working together for a dance number, just kidding, but yes, it is not something that the Earthlings should worry about.

According to Mark Sirois of the Southern Quebec Severe Weather Network, these natural elements of the planet we live in just came together to create this unusual effect.

“When you look at the trees in the background, it’s clear that the winds were very strong. The forest floor seems to be moss-covered, which leaves a lot of the root system of younger trees lodged in a loose medium,” Sirois explained.

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“As the wind sways the trees, you get the roots lifting the floor. This gives the appearance of ‘breathing’,” he added.

Still not convinced? Well, Mark Vanderwouw, an arborist working with Shady Lane Expert Tree Care in Ontario, Canada that there is really no one to blame here but the wind.

“During a rain- and wind-storm event, the ground becomes saturated, ‘loosening’ the soil’s cohesion with the roots as the wind is blowing on a tree’s crown,” Vanderwouw said.

“The wind is trying to ‘push’ the trees over, and as the force is transferred to the roots, the ground begins to ‘heave,’” he added.

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Although our forests can really “breathe” as it releases carbon dioxide and oxygen every now and then, but not in this very obvious and attention-seeking way.

Read some of the epic reactions of netizens about this viral video:

The ground in this Quebec forest looks like it's breathing. This happens when the root system of the surrounding trees hold each other together while the wind whips the tops back and forth. #awesome_earth

Posted by Thaddeus Moore on Saturday, October 20, 2018

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

Source: Facebook, Live Science

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