Horrifying Experiment! Isang Lalaki Tinurukan Ng Sperm Ang Itlog At Kahit Siya Kinilabutan Sa Naging Resulta

Humans are naturally curious creatures. We are gifted with mental abilities that no other mammals have, that is why we are considered to be at the top of the food chain. We can speak in different languages, we have logical capacities, and we can understand a lot of complex ideas.

Once we realize this fact, the possibilities become endless. There are so many things we can do in our time on Earth. Especially now that we have access to the most sophisticated technologies, the barriers and hindrances are close to nothing. We should just let our curiosities lead the way.

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However, our curiosities give birth to the most strange and peculiar activities that are not considered to be acceptable in society’s standards. Of course, we should also remember that great discoveries are borne out of the strangest things. The important question is, how far are you willing to go to satiate your curiosity? How many questions about life do we really have?

Luckily, in scientific experiments, there are ethical and moral standards to be strictly adhered to. This is why some experiments are harder to do than others, because the moral implications should be considered when doing experimentation activities.

Given all that, it will really make you wonder what this man was thinking when he did this peculiar experiment that shocked people.

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More than feeling shocked, viewers of this video was also horrified because of what he did. The oddest of all odd ideas, this man injected sperm cells using a syringe into a chicken egg! Who would have even thought of doing that?

Really diving in into the experiment, the main waited for a few days before he finally broke the egg to check what happened inside. The results made people shudder.

Upon breaking it, a weird creature was found swimming in the fluid part of the egg. They could not identify the shape of this creature, nor can they determine what it actually is. It does not even resemble features of chicken fetuses.

Going further, the man placed the organism in a bowl with water to ‘raise’ it and let it ‘develop’. No one actually knows if this video clip is real or edited. But staged or not, this experiment is unsettling and uncomfortable to think of.

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Watch the video below:

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

Netizens have strong feelings about the video.

“What the hell is wrong with people now days really think about it”
“This is so stupid what’s wrong with some people”
” I only have one question. How and where did the sperm came out?!?!?!”

What are your thoughts on this ‘experiment’?

Source: Feedy TV

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