Isang Solid Kapamilya Noon Kumpirmado Na Ang Paglipat Sa Kabilang Estasyon Ngayon

Showbiz is one tricky business, every moment is fickle and you will never know when it ends. Maybe today you are in–in-demand, hot, and loved–but the next day, you could be out. This is the reality that our favorite stars have to face, that is why they need to make decisions apt to make the most out of their fame.

Lately, there have been various news tackling some huge personalities’ decisions to move networks. When a celebrity jumps from one big network to the hands of their rival, it is kind of a pretty big deal. But all is fair when we are talking about a career here, we are just glad we got to witness the drama and the facts of the network change.

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This week, it looks like another star decided to try out new things and leave their home network for the other!

Kiray Celis is one of the most well-known child stars and comedian of this generation. Her hilarious and genius portrayals of every character given is her survival trait. Known for her unique and unconventional looks in showbiz, Kiray has made a name for herself at a young age. People know her face, people know her name, that sums up a success story doesn’t it?

According to new, young celebrities that have worked with Kiray in the new suspense-thriller film, Class of 2018, she is one of the nicest co-actors and you cannot help but love her. Kiray will be starring in the movie along with her Goin’ Bulilit friends Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, CJ Navato, and Kristel Fulgar. How time flies!

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In the same press conference, the actress-comedian was asked about her feelings about the billing of her name in the movie poster. Apparently, the name of her co-actors were put before her name. Being the lovely and funny Kiray, she nonchalantly brushed it off and said it was okay as long as she got paid!

But more than the billing issue, there is a much larger controversy that people have been hearing about Kiray. Rumors have it that the ABS-CBN homegrown actress is about to set her foot on a different network, GMA-7. She was seen in the rival compound last September 24, having just met with the executives of the Kapuso network.

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While Kiray was mum about this for now, her mother Mrs. Meriam Celis confirmed it for her. She explained that her daughter’s Star Magic contract had already ended, and altogether they decided to accept GMA’s offer. Mrs. Celis also shared that Kiray’s first project as a Kapuso will be in a television serye led by Jennelyn Mercado and Gabby Concepcion.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

Are you excited to see Kiray as the newest Kapuso?

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