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Isang Babae Nagkaroon Ng Nakakatakot Na Sakit Matapos Hindi Magpalit Ng Underwear Ng Isang Buwan

As we all know, good personal hygiene is one of the easiest and most effective way of ensuring our health is intact and we are protecting it from various illnesses we can contract. Growing up, we have always been told to wash our hands before we eat, cleaning our things that we usually touch to avoid too much contact with bacteria, and bringing cleaning materials such as alcohol and tissues.

It is almost always a given that we should wash ourselves daily, no matter where we went and what we did. This is to ensure that our body gets the protection it needs. Plus, isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to know that you are your cleanest every day?

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However, what we do not know is that personal hygiene is deeply affected by the lifestyle we grew accustomed to. For example, if the people around you are used to not taking good care of their personal hygiene, the tendency is you will think it is normal. In the end, you will end up risking your health by not having a good hygiene.

Just like this woman in China, who found herself in the hands of doctors after a really bad practice–or no practice at all–of personal hygiene.

Fang Fang from Wuban, Hubei learned her lesson about the importance of hygiene the hard way. Would you believe that this 23-year-old does not change her underwear daily? Even worse, she only does it every month!

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According to, the woman was already feeling ill about two months ago, but she did not do anything yet. Then, after a few more days, Fang Fang began to feel excruciating stomach pains that she couldn’t tolerate. Her friend immediately helped get her to the hospital to receive the medical care she obviously needed.

The doctors found out that she actually has a malignant cell growth in her vulva, and she needed to go under operation almost immediately. What’s peculiar is the fact that this condition is usually contracted by menopausal women, and not women her age.

Of course, the reason for this is her poor hygiene. Not only did she seldom change her undies, but she also rarely changes her bra!

Fang Fang explained her reason, “I am a bit lazy and I rarely wash my underclothes. When I get my period I will continue wearing the same underwear for about a month and clean it with some tissue.”

Netizens were shocked to learn her habit.

“oh my God!!! 3× a day you must change your underwear especially when you have your monthly period and you must take a shower at least 2 to 3 × a day when you have your period!!”

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“Grabe isang araw k lng n d mgpalit eh mkati n s pkrandam un p kyang isang buwan? Grabee!”

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