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Totoong Ugali? Jericho Rosales Viral Ngayon Hindi Dahil Sa Palabas Niyang Halik Kundi Dahil Sa Kaniyang Ginawa Sa Isang Babae Sa Mall

When something special happens, almost immediately, we whip out our cameras and take a snapshot of the moment. Maybe we have a penchant for preserving memories, or nostalgic tendencies, or maybe we just grew accustomed to taking photos of everything with everyone.

We are at the height of social media influence, so we never forget to take pictures of something we deem as important and share it to the people who follow us. Sometimes, even just mundane tasks and activities get posted too! Social media sites, especially Facebook and Instagram, became two important and helpful tools in making sure the people who cares about us are updated.

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Since we almost take pictures of everything that happens around us, what more if we meet a famous personality? I am sure that at least one time in your life, you came up to a celebrity and requested to have a photo with them. That is not a strange thing. It is a common occurrence to have the desire to tell people you met someone ‘important’ and show them a picture for proof.

It is also common for them to reject your request. Celebrities have various reasons for doing it. First, their management might not allow them to do so, especially when in an event or taping that they are required to keep quiet. Second, you might have caught them in a private time that they want to spend with loved ones, and letting fans hog their time would be disrespectful to the person they are with. Third, they might be really busy and there is not even a second to waste. Lastly, it is also possible that the person is just really snobbish and don’t want to interact with fans.

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Dennish Diane thought the last case was the applicable explanation on why Jericho Rosales didn’t immediately take a picture with her. In a Facebook post shared by 30,000+ people, the woman narrated her encounter with the actor.

“Me: Jericho! Pwede mag papicture
Sya : wait ate, may hinahanap lang ako na store.
Me : Okay po (Nakasimangot, akala ko masungit sya)

After 30mins. Habang nag aayos ako ng menus


Me: OMG!! Binalikan nya ko! Hahahaha”

What a cute interaction! As if we need more reason to love Jericho, he proves that his humility and down-to-earth personality is still there underneath all the fame.

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Netizens swooned in the comments section.

“Ang sweet naman niya haha”
“Yes ate. Mabait sya”
“Hala…Den paborito ko sya, Ang swerte mo bait nman ni jericho.”

Were you touched by Jericho’s kindness?

Source: Showbiz Chika, Facebook

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