Hindi Na Natuto! Mga Basura Na Natagpuan Ng Mga Awtoridad Sa Unang Pagbukas Ng Boracay Ikinagalit Ng Lahat

Boracay, one of Filipino’s pride and glory, was closed for quite some time for the rehabilitation operation the government implemented. As a popular tourist spot and no. 1 choice of foreign visitors in the country, Boracay’s beauty had gradually been replaced by too much destruction because of all the people that had taken its beauty for granted.

After a long time of waiting and missing the beautiful beaches of Boracay, the paradise’s doors was re-opened for the public. The government could not wait to show the Filipinos how much it had improved. But what happened next was disappointing, but not really surprising.

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On the first day of the re-opening, litters were found around the beachfront of the newly rehabilitated Boracay. Are you familiar with the spaces between big rock formations that we can find in the beach areas? Trash were found hidden in between them. A beautiful place ruined by undisciplined people.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources pleaded to the tourists to be one with them in taking care of Boracay. In a tweet, they relayed their message to the people.

“A day after the #BoracayReopening, we retrieved this trash in one crevice alone of the rock formation in Station 1 of Boracay. Is this #responsibletourism? Let’s all work together to keep Boracay clean and pristine! PLEASE RETWEET. #BetterBoracay.”

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Even though they were trash bins present in the beachfront, there are still some people who opted to throw their litter away carelessly, making the whole renovation of Boracay pointless.

A netizen pointed out that the problem must be solved in a more general way. The person tweeted in reply, “This kind of thing should not only apply for tourism, but also to citizens’ daily lives. You won’t remedy a problem like this just by saying no once, it should be a personal habit.”

It would seem that despite all the warnings of the authorities, most people still chose to close their eyes and ears to their responsibility. No-litter policy and more trash bins have been installed, but now it looks like it will never be enough. Authorities are planning to install high-resolution CCTV cameras to catch guilty guests who don’t follow the policy.

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If we want Boracay (and our country) to maintain its beauty, we must also take part in protecting it. The simple act of throwing your garbage in its right place contributes so much in maintaining the cleanliness of public spaces.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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