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WATCH! Napakaraming Bulate Nakuha Sa Mata Ng Isang Bata Na Ikinabaliktad Ng Sikmura Ng Mga Netizen

Pets can definitely brighten up any family households they live in. May it be dogs or cats, the presence of these adorable creatures is considered an addition to the family, we even give them names to formalize it! Kids love pets especially, there is just something so irresistible about them that makes us irrationally happy, and we are not complaining!

But we should also remember, having pets is not all rainbows and unicorns. It is actually quite hard to take care of them (plus really expensive and tricky). You have to have them properly vaccinated to ensure they are safe. In a monthly basis, grooming and maintenance must also be done. Trips to the veterinarian are also necessary to check their health once in a while.

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More than that, the daily things you have to do for your pets are also quite burdensome. While it is a fun activity to do, cleaning them up to achieve a sufficient level of hygiene takes a lot of time and patience on the owner’s part. And even with regular cleaning and maintenance, pets are not immune to parasites. With this, you can also be exposed to such a hazard!

One frightening example of this is a medical case in China where 11 live worms were extracted by a doctor from a 5-month-old boy. The doctors at Xi’an1 Hospital were quite shocked when they realized what happened to the poor boy.

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This little boy was immediately rushed to the hospital right after his mother noticed unusual, moving things in his eyes. The baby was noticeably uncomfortable and also started crying. In the hospital, the doctors found out that these things were actual live, round worms infecting the eye area of the boy. Both on the surface of the eyeball and inside the eyelids, worms were discovered still moving around.

They suspected that the worms actually came from their neighbor’s pets! This just goes to show how crucial it is to maintain our pet’s health and hygiene because it can potentially affect anyone around us. Just look at this poor baby who had to suffer with worms in his eyes, allegedly because of their neighbor’s pets.

Fortunately, because of the mother’s urgency, the boy was treated just in time before the eye condition had gone any worse. His health has improved because of the treatments.

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Now this is a lesson for them and for their neighbor to take extra care for the pets, because there is a chance that they might be affected with its parasites if they don’t take action.

Watch the video below:

Worms in the boy's eye

Grabe nakakadiri!

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Saturday, October 27, 2018

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