Makakain Pa Ba ‘to? Isang Tinapay Ikinadismaya Ng Maraming Netizen Dahil Sa Tigas Nito

Don’t you just love mornings with your steaming cup of coffee and a pack of hot pandesal? Most of us probably grew up waking up to this nostalgic setup in our childhood homes: an early morning show on the television, fried eggs on the plate, family members doing their own thing, and our favorite ‘Pinoy’ bread ready to be dipped in our choice of hot drink.

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We could say it is now part of our tradition and morning routine to buy ‘pandesal’ or ‘pan de coco’ or ‘putok’, or any other of our favorites to satisfy our breakfast cravings. This all-time favorite pastries weaved their way to the typical Pinoy breakfast, and we simply have to have them in the morning. We go to our ‘suking’ panaderia at a very early hour and purchase the usual order of the family. Then, we bring this delicious pastry home and start the morning right, just like any other ordinary day.

But, have you ever had an instance where you bought too much bread and you can’t do anything but leave it on the table? It had possibly happened to many of us at least once in a while, I mean, we tend to overestimate just how much we could eat. All that is left to do is leave it for our meriendas or for our other family members to eat them.

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I am also sure you have experienced having a soft, fluffy bread turn into a cold, hard I-don’t-know-if-you-can-still-call-it-bread. It is more accurate to call it a stone, when you try to bite at it. Just like this viral video showing an incredible stone-hard bread that cannot be eaten anymore; it is too comically funny for us to even believe that it’s real.

To demonstrate how hard the bread became, the uploader of the video even tried to use it as a hammer! And the funniest (and most shocking) part is, it actually worked. The nail did not go through the bread or anything, because again, it turned stone-hard.

Netizens had a good laugh upon watching the video and witnessing the hilarity of it all.

“namiss ko putok bread kaso anyaree antigas”

“Pag binato ka ng bato batuhin mo ng tinapay, dapat yung ganyan katigas ha”

“mas matigas pa sa ulo ko hahahahahhaahhha”

“Puso ni Crush be like”

“Ito dpt ang hammer ni victor magtanggol!”

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Watch the video below:

Nagtoo tingaleg gabas among ngipon 😒

Posted by Gwenbelle Dichoso on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:

The video has now racked up more than 1 million views, and more and more netizens are clicking on it to have a relatable topic for laughter. Did you find it funny too?

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