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Hala! Ito Pala Ang Dating Itsura Ng Mga Kilalang Personalidad Na Ito Bago Pa Sila Sumailalim Sa Cosmetic Surgery

It’s no longer a surprise that celebrities get surgical and cosmetic enhancement. People are also becoming more vocal about it because the generation of today proves to be more open and less judgemental than those who were used to a certain norm that dictated that natural beauty is superior. It may be true for some, but there is no singular formula for beauty anymore.
Here are 8 Filipino celebrities who had admitted that they had plastic and cosmetic enhancement.

1) Cristalle Belo

The perks of having Vicki Belo for a mom, right? Cristalle admitted that in 2010 she had a liposuction procedure to get rid of her unwanted fats in unwanted locations. This gave her a slimmer figure all in all.

2) Angeline Quinto

The famous Filipina singer was not shy about her procedures as she had said that she exhausted all of her efforts in working out before she decided to go to Vicki Belo to have her arms and back fixed. She also had cosmetic surgery for her eyes.

3) Gretchen Barretto

The partner of business tycoon and millionaire, Tonyboy Cojuangco had her lips done so that they may look fuller. It’s a subtle change that gave her a boost of confidence in the long run.

4) Jinkee Pacquiao
The wife of a famous boxer decided to lose weight. She did this in many ways including working out, several diet trends, and ultimately a liposuction procedure.

5) Kris Aquino
The Queen of All Media admitted to having a nose job so she may better her appearance overall. She doesn’t seem so shy about this as she has openly discussed it several times in the past.

6) Nathalie Hart
Nathalie Hart underwent plastic surgery to get a bigger chest area. This matched her already voluptuous body and made her even more appealing than she was prior to the enhancement. The actress is now currently pregnant with her first child.

7) Beauty Gonzales
The Kadenang Ginto actress who rose to prominence for her stint in Pinoy Big Brother also went through various enhancements. She did this by reducing the fats in her chin and jawline so that it will become sharper and more prominent.

8) Miho Nishida
Just recently a hot topic, Miho had a nose job that fueled several netizens into claiming that she does not know when to stop. The actress showed off her new look after several surgeries that she said she did to become more confident.

Source: KAMI

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