‘Wag Baliwalain! Kilalanin Ang 5 Kilalang Personalidad Na Nagkaroon Ng Heart Disease

Nowadays, people suffer from different complications and other health conditions. Some people don’t even know they already have certain illness until it is too late. Some causes of having health complications include unhealthy lifestyle, stress, lack of exercise, bad sleeping habit and many other reasons. Heredity may also be taken in to consideration.

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One of the most common illness people experience and suffer nowadays is related to cardiovascular complications. People sometimes lack the knowledge on how to take care of their health especially the heart. Some people have ample time to pamper themselves and to properly care for themselves due to their schedules.

They develop ways to adapt to their very busy life which sometimes make them compromise their health. Celebrities are good example of this kind of people. The time of their work varies which gives them small amount of time for themselves. These are some Filipino Celebrities who suffered from cardiovascular complications or heart problems.

Rico J. Puno
One of the OPM legends, Rico J. Puno, recently has been announced that the singer is no longer with us due to heart failure. The singer had a triple bypass surgery in 2015 and suffered from arterial blocking in the following year.

Kim Atienza
In 2010, TV host and actor, Kim Atienza, suffered from arterial blocking. Moreover, his hands got disabled and were incapable of movement. To prevent further health problems, he underwent heart surgery.


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Gary Valenciano
Due to his hospitalization, fans were shocked about the news when he revealed that he suffered from heart problems because of blockage in his artery. His surgery was a success.

Ely Buendia
The iconic front man of the band Eraserheads once suffered from a heart failure in 2007 which he recovered from. After the incident in 2007, he has undergone angioplasty several times. Ely Buendia’s family also has a record of heart problems.


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Joy Viado
Due to a heart failure, the comedienne, Joy Viado, is now no longer living. It saddens many people because the comedienne was steps away in recovering from his long battle with diabetes.
Taking care of ourselves is a hard part especially when you are an adult dealing with life. We may sometimes neglect our body from the essentials but we should not let ourselves be used to it. As the saying goes, “You’ll reap what you sow”, we should now start to take care and be cautious with our health because it may lead to something we would regret in the future.

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