Kilalanin Ang Lalaking Pinaparamdam Kay Yam Concepcion Na Isa Siyang Prinsesa

Long distance relationships are not the easiest situation to navigate. But for couples who really want to work it out and stay together, this could be a test of just how much they love each other.

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For celebrities, long distance relationships or LDRs are familiar territories. Since they have to work almost 24/7 most of the time, they do not have the luxury to spend time with their special someone. What more if they live far from each other? It is certainly a tough thing to do. LDRs have claimed many romances before, because it can be quite hard to maintain.

But for Yam Concepcion, there is no distance too far and schedule too tight to separate her and his beau.

The trending ‘Halik’ actress has been in a relationship with his non-showbiz boyfriend, Miguel CuUnjieng for 4 long years. Four years while on a long distance relationship? That is quite an impressive feat. How exactly do they do it?

In reality, Yam Concepcion is also surprised how the challenging relationship setup worked for her. She admitted that she is one to get jealous too easily, and the distance did not make it easier. However, she also shared how thankful she is for being in a relationship with a man who never gets tired of assuring her when she feels insecure.

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“Mahirap…. mahirap, pagkahirap-hirap. Wala naman akong choice, na-in love talaga ako, e,” the actress shared.

According to the actress, the foundation of their strong relationship is trust. “Kami, we’re very open na, ‘Sige, nandoon ka, I trust you. He trusts me sa ginagawa ko, ina-accept niya ako sa nature ng trabaho ko, so it works out.”

“Every day ‘yan, araw-araw may ‘What’s up, Yam? May FaceTime kami every other day, pero talaga ang focus namin is to grow pa rin as an individual.”


It would seem like Yam’s personality is totally the opposite of the character she is playing in ‘Halik’. People are often riled up by Jade’s antics in the teleserye, and wanted to know if Yam could relate to her character in the show.

The actress clarified that she is nowhere near to Jade’s personality. Proven by her long-term and mature relationship with her boyfriend, Yam would “rather pick the right choices in life”, unlike Jade in ‘Halik’.

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Yam and his beau proved that distance cannot break apart two people who are committed to having a mature and healthy relationship. Trust and loyalty is important for any relationship to grow. For all those in a long distance relationship right now, take notes!

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